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heavenly virtues | deadly sins


I heard you



"Young Ned did not think of her as being born or hatched or conceived in any way. Chuck came ready made from the Play-Doh Fun Factory of Life."

a ship is only as pure 
as the hands of its helmsman.

I was stationed on Earth two thousand years.  Just… watching.  Silent, invisible.  Out on the road, sick for home, waiting on orders from an unknowable father I can’t begin to understand.

“So at least half the victors have instructed their mentors to request you as an ally. I know it can’t be your sunny personality.”
“They saw her shoot,” says Peeta with a smile. “Actually, I saw her shoot, for real, for the first time. I’m about to put in a formal request myself.”

Figures dancing gracefully

Across my memory

Question: What would you do if you were President for one day?

Alex: That’s a hard question. There’s a lot to do, a lot of options. I think I would try to get more funding for education, because everyone deserves an education. There’s some problems with that in our country right now, so I think that would be one of the first things I would do.

"you really are the brightest witch of your age"




…you’re in one